4 Stages Of Cancer

There are four main categories used with diagnosing cancer. They are divided into grades from 0-4. Also they are usually seen written in the roman numeral format.

  • Stage 0 (Zero) cancer is used to diagnose cells that are mainly referred to as precancerous cells. Stage 0 cancer cells are completely contained in its originating area and have not spread.
  • Stage 1 (One) cancer is used when the cancerous cells are still contained within its originating area. The cancerous cells show no significant growth within the area or organ.
  • Stage 2 (Two) cancer is used when the cells are usually still contained in the originating area. At this point the cancerous growth has grown and is larger in its originating area.
  • Stage 3 (Three) cancer is used when the cancerous growth has grown quite large and may have depth within the originating tissue of which it was found. At this point the cancer may have moved into other parts of nearby tissues. However, the cancer may also possibly have spread to lymph nodes but not to other parts of the body.
  • Stage 4 (Four) cancer is used when the cancerous growth has become advanced and spread to other parts of the body and or organs. The term usually used in this case is metastatic cancer. Source: https://www.medicalbin.com/blog/waiting-room/what-are-the-four-stages-of-cancer/